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Mr. Oren Agmaon, Rabintex Division Manager
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Mr. Oren Agmaon, Rabintex Division Manager
Mr. Agmon rejoined Rabintex. as the Division manager on September 2011. Mr. Agmon was Rabintex Production & Operation Manager from January 2009 to June 2010. Mr. Agmon has over 9 years of experience in plant management, including all aspects of technology, engineering, development, HR, purchasing QA and safety.

Mr. Agmon comes to Rabintex from Magam Safety Ltd were he was V.P. Marketing. Magam Safety Ltd designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of rubber, textile and inflatable safety and rescue products -primarily for the defense industry, but also for civilian applications. He was a plant manager in Nogalight, an electro-optic company with 60 employees with 70% export and NIS100 million in turnover. Prior to that, for 5 years (years 2002-2007), he was the Plant Manager for Sunfrost, one of Israel's leading companies in frozen vegetables manufacturing. Additionally, Mr. Agmon worked for Mei-Eden as the Production & Operations Manager as well as for Hi - tex (a Tefron Company) and Gibor Sport.

In his current position at Rabintex, Mr. Agmon is responsible for all the aspects of the division operation including marketing, manufacturing and day-to-day operations of the factory, making sure all products are completed in and on time.

Mr. Agmon holds a B.A. in Industrial Engineering from Ort Braude College and Certification Studies in Information Systems Analysis and Engineering from the Technion in Haifa.

Mr. Eli Assa, VP Business Development
Mr. Eli Assa, VP Business Development
Mr. Assa has been with Rabintex Industries Ltd since 1983 performing several engineering and management tasks, including VP Special Projects and VP - Chief Technology Officer.

In the past, Mr. Assa owned and managed a textile company specializing in knitted products and a medical textile company. He also managed an engineering and technology consultancy firm for industrial plants, especially from the clothing and textile industry.

Mr. Assa served as an officer for 5 years in the Israeli defense Forces (IDF), in various technical and command posts. He was released from his military service ranked as a Major.

Mr. Assa holds a B.Sc in Industrial and Management Engineering from Shenkar College of Engineering & Design and an M.B.A in Business Management from Bar Ilan University. For 22 years Mr Assa was held the position of an Industrial Management and Technologies senior lecturer at the Shenkar College of Engineering & Design.

Mr. Gregory (Grisha) Gorodetsky, Quality Manager
Mr. Gregory (Grisha) Gorodetsky, Quality Manager
Mr. Gorodetsky came to Rabintex in 2008 with 35 years of diverse experience in mechanical and quality engineering.

Before joining Rabintex, Mr. Gorodetsky worked as a Quality Manager for Soda-Club from 2006 to 2008. Prior to that he served as a Senior Mechanical Engineer for Arad group from 1996 through 2000, and then was promoted to the position of the Quality Manager which he held until 2006. His technical background also includes eight years as a Mechanical Engineer at Tadiran (Carrier Group).

Mr. Gorodetsky holds an M.A. in Mechanical Engineering from the State Technical University in Russia. He has also been certified as a Quality and Reliability Engineer from the American Society for Quality. In addition, he has published numerous articles in Israel Quality Magazine and delivered various presentations at national and international quality conferences.

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