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Investor Relations  
Investor Relations

Founded in 1950, Rabintex Industries Ltd., a publicly traded company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, is one of Israel’s largest and foremost defense contractors. 
Rabintex is a major supplier for the military, homeland security and law enforcement forces across the globe. 

The Challenge of meeting the demands of rapidly evolving international markets has led the company to a consumer focused philosophy. Rabintex’s product lines encompass a variety of combat proven solutions: ballistic helmets, bulletproof vests, ballistic glass and plates, as well as providing comprehensive engineering solutions for mobility and modifications of tactical combat vehicles. 

Rabintex’s R&D division and strict quality assurance department closely monitor the computerized production lines and check the quality of each product. A modernly equipped ballistic laboratory conducts tests on a routine basis, to ensure successful application of the scientific solutions in the production process. 

Rabintex’s quality products are manufactured from the most advanced raw materials, meeting and exceeding international quality standards such as: ISO 9001-2000, NIJ, MIL, SK and NATO.

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