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About Rabintex  

Rabintex is a leading defense manufacturer providing integrative solutions for individuals protection. 
Internationally recognized Rabintex designs, manufactures and distributes innovative ballistic and blast protection equipment. Rabintex is a major supplier for military, homeland security and law enforcement forces across the globe.
Rabintex has earned worldwide professional recognition. We are known for our technological capabilities that enable the development and mass production of cutting edge products while facing technological and engineering challenges, meeting the highest level of quality and customers requirements. Rabintex possesses advanced manufacture and R&D facilities, and employs top-line professionals known worldwide.
Personal Protection
Rabintex  develops, manufactures, and markets personal protection equipment for the use of military, law enforcement forces and civil organizations worldwide. Rabintex’s core product lines in this area encompass a variety of combat proven solutions, applying cutting-edge technologies: ballistic helmets, bullet-proof vests, advanced armored plates, ballistic shields and visors. Prior to delivery, products undergo the most stringent testing process including ballistic tests in the company’s ballistic laboratory.                                                       
Production activities are carried out by the company’s factory in Beit Shean in northern Israel.  

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