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Quality Assurance

Rabintex is committed to meet all requirements of international standards that have been established for the development, manufacturing and testing of personal body armor.

The products and components produced by Rabintex are designed and manufactured in accordance with:

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Managements Systems  View Certificate 
 International standard detailing requirements to assure effective quality management systems

AQAP 2110, 2120, 2130
View Certificate
NATO quality assurance requirements for design, development, production and test
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems View Certificate
International standard for managing the environmental aspects of processes
Rabintex Quality and Environmental Policy
The Rabintex Quality and Environmental policy ensures that our customers receive products at consistently high level of quality and reliability. According to this policy, Rabintex has prepared and implemented a Quality Management System compliance program. Rabintex employees are trained to be aware of the life protective applications of our products.
Modern Quality Assurance Processes
Rabintex continuously works to improve its processes and products and towards this goal uses modern production equipment and technology. Quality procedures and work instructions serve as a base for training of personnel, process control and strict quality inspection. Quality control begins already at the design stage and continues throughout the entire production process from acceptance of raw materials and until the stage of the finalized product, its packing and shipping. Changes to the design and production are managed carefully.
Ballistic Laboratory
Rabintex has an in-house laboratory for ballistic testing. The laboratory is authorized by the Israeli Defense Forces and the Standards Institution of Israel. Advanced electronic instruments are used for measuring projectile velocity. The tests are performed according to clients’ requests and in accordance with international standards (Stanag, NIJ). Rabintex’ unique computerized technology for reliable ballistic test reporting was presented at the 18th International Conference of the Israel Society for Quality, which took place in Tel-Aviv in November 2010.

Mechanical Laboratory
The mechanical laboratory is equipped with the necessary appliances to perform non-ballistic tests, such as testing of stab resistance, ageing, shock absorption, resistance to penetration, and flame resistance.

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