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Research & Development

Innovative product design and development is more often than not, a crucial factor in the survival of a company. Due to continuous advances in technology, competitors and the constantly changing consumer demands, companies must continually revise and update their designs and range of products to stay ahead in the race.

Rabintex Industries Ltd’s R&D division is run by a team of distinguished professionals, all with extensive experience in Israel’s textile and ballistic industry.

The division closely monitors the performance of their products on-line, in the tough day-to-day reality of Israeli life, in real battlefields, using the most advanced technologies on-site and the team’s extensive know-how and experience.

Authentic feedback is instantly and continually received from the field giving Rabintex the advantage of offering proven solutions, perfectly tailored to the extensive and diverse range of customers’ needs.

Rabintex’s products have been carefully designed and produced through extensive efforts invested in research and accurate testing. The company utilizes only the highest quality raw materials available in today‘s market. Rabintex’s R&D activities are carried out in our modern laboratories, located in our manufacturing facility in Israel.

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